What is Airline earphone ?

Airline earphones are specially developed for passengers who may got strong discomfort or pain due to air pressure imbalance in the ear when they are taking airplanes,they can automatically adjust the pressure in the ear to eliminate ear pain and discomfort caused by taking airplanes.

According to the service life, airline earphones can be classified into two categories: one time and permanent.
In general, permanent airline earphones can be used for many times, some customer want to use their favorite brand airline earphones when taking airplanes, these permanent airline earphones usually a bit expensive and they can be used as regular media earphones for calling and listing to the music etc; one time ( disposable ) airline earphones also provide good noise reduction effect, but its tone quality is a bit worse than regular media earphones, as its budget limited its performance. Airline earphones are popular in European and American airlines and airports, and
some high-end airlines also give free aircraft earphones for passengers. Jifunong mainly design and manufacturer one time disposable airline earphones at competitive price with reliable performance.

How does airline earphone work ?

The discomfort of the ear during flight is mainly caused by blockage or swelling of the Eustachian tube. When the aircraft takes off and landing, the pressure change of the air is too fast, so that the blocked Eustachian tube can not effectively adjust the pressure of the middle ear cavity. When the atmospheric pressure in the cabin changes, there will be a pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the airline earphones. The airline earphones provide just the opposite resistance, so that the pressure difference in the middle ear cavity can be slowed down, allowing the Eustachian tube to work normally and eliminate pain or discomfort of the ears.

How to use airline earphones ?

Gently pull up the upper part of the ear, align the earbuds of the airline earphones with the ear canal, and gently rotate it into the proper position to ensure that the air in the ear canal does not directly contact with the atmosphere. A recommended test method is: due to the additional noise reduction function of the airline earphones, when you wear it, you will feel an echo when you speak.
Wear the aviation earphones safely on each ear before the aircraft takes off, and do not remove it until the aircraft reaches the cruising altitude. Be sure to put on the earphones before the plane begins to descend. As the airline earphones greatly reduced the noise inside the aircraft, if you do not remove the earplugs throughout the voyage, your trip will be more comfortable.