With the increase in air travel, there has been an increase in demand for airline earphones. These earphones are quite different from a normal earphone. The main reason behind the difference is the functionality of the earphones.


Airline earphones are normally designed to be disposable which is also why they are relatively cheaper as compared to a normal earphone which has been designed to be used for more than just a single time. The disposability of the airline earphones is what has led to the high demand for them.

Noise Isolation

One of the main functions of the airline earphones is to isolate the noise as there is no way that headphone or earphone would provide efficient results in a noisy environment. The fact is that there is a lot of noise in an airplane flight which is why the airline earphones tend to be better at noise isolation as compared to normal earphones. They need to sound good in such an environment. The air earphones are designed to meet the minimum standards to be able to satisfy the customer. However, there are also many excellent quality normal earphones which have sound-proofing materials that eliminate any external noise such as the ones for gaming.


The airline earphones are not as durable as compared to normal earphones. They are normally intended for a single use such a single trip on an airplane. While on the other hand, the normal earphone is more durable due to the fact that it is intended to be used for a long time. This also affects the cost between the two.


Normally, airline earphones are cheaper than normal earphones. However, it depends on the manufacturer that the earphones are bought from and the class of travelers. There are different types of earphones on the flight. There is Type A. earphones, which can be found on First class or Business class flights and these tend to be more on the expensive end. Normal earphones on the other hand are more expensive on an average as they are used for a much longer time period.

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